Jabelar's Wild Animals Plus Mod

Updated to v0.0.4. Check out the new vids of owls and eagles.

Please try and report any bugs.


I know there are a lot of other animal mods out there. But tameable eagles aren't that common so maybe you'll like this.

This mod simply contains of collection of wild animals:
  • Tameable Birds of Prey: Eagle, Hawk, and Owl. Tameable with raw salmon (when tames a leg band appears).
  • Tameable Big Cats: Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Cougars, and Lynx. Tameable with meat and act like wolves (not ocelots).
  • Elephants
  • Snakes
They will spawn naturally (right now I have them spawning quite a bit for testing, but will eventually tone that down a bit), and there are also spawn eggs.

The big cats, elephants and snakes are ageable so can be babies. I didn't do that with the birds of prey because then I'd have to do a bunch of stuff with nests and stuff (maybe for future update).

All the these are naturally passive, although you can use the config GUI to choose for the big cats to be man-eaters (they'll attack without provocation).

The birds of prey will hunt chickens and sheep on their own. They won't hunt after being tamed but will help you if you attack or are attacked. They occasionally perch (which is how you'll need them to be if you try to tame them) -- owls prefer to perch during the day, others prefer to perch during the night.

The big cats will hunt herd animals on their own, including elephants (although the elephants can defend themselves pretty well). You can see the elephants and tigers fighting in the video below.

Here is video showing how to tame an owl (they perch during day):

Here is video of a tamed bald eagle helping attack a witch:

Here is video showing the snakes, elephants and big cats:




  • Fixed rendering of owl texture to make perching look correct (feet touch perch).
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't push birds of prey.
  • Fixed owl texture (it had a debug texture with extra markings to help my UV mapping).
  • Fixed birds of prey health so that it is higher when tamed, and also regens when tamed.
  • Modified the perching chance of birds of prey


Feel free to use my source, although I would appreciate credit if you do.

Known Issues:

  • Taming attempts of birds of prey doesn't issue particles. (You can still tell when you've successfully tamed by the grey leg bands that appear).
  • Sometimes taming birds of prey appears successful but doesn't take.
  • The Lynx has same texture as the Cougar. Will update to make them distinct.
  • The birds of prey aren't "pushable" right now, so you can actually stand on them.
  • The birds of prey sometimes perch so their feet aren't totally at the ground.
  • It is possible to screw up a perching bird of prey if you build up around it's target perch block before it gets there.

Planned Features:

  • I might decide on making it so that tamed birds of prey can bring you the meat from their prey.

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